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Alignment Survey

Specialising in conveyor alignments, Doran Site Services is often referred to as the “Conveyor Surveyor.”

Services offered include initial construction of conveyors, vertical curve design,solving belt tracking issues and quality control of components for alignment during maintenance operations.

Underground conveyors, stockpile conveyors for coal handling facilities, horizontal curved conveyors,machine mounted conveyors and overland conveyors are all included.

With regards to conveyor alignment and trouble shooting, a methodical approach is adopted, initially all pulleys are surveyed for level, position and square relative to direction of belt centreline. The idlers, both carry and return, are then approached in a similar manner and surveyed for level, position and square relative to belt centreline. Any misalignments are adjusted as required.

During construction phases there is often pressure to meet deadlines and some alignments may not be given sufficient importance. Doran Site Services has generated a considerable success in being able to do a significant amount of survey whilst belts are in operation and conveying material. This reduces down time and allows production to continue.

Correctly aligned conveyor components significantly improves operational life especially belts, pulleys and idlers. This requires less maintenance tasks and corresponding loss of production due to shutdowns.

Spillage also adds to cleanup costs.

Construction Survey

Construction Survey

Engineering Survey

Some services offered include setout of civil works foundations, including earthworks,concrete and drainage.

Detailed contour and layout plans for design, providing a cad file transferable between software packages

Connection to Bench Marks on the Australian Height Datum
Survey, design and calculations for pipe lengths.

Mechanical Alignment

With regards to bulk handling machines such as Stackers, Reclaimers and Shiploaders, Doran Site Services has experience in the construction, maintenance and replacement of numerous components.

These include, bogey wheels for long travel, conveyor components, guy rope or pin lengths and slew bearings.

Flatness surveys are usually carried out for slew bearing flanges using a digital level that reads a bar code staff to 0.01mm. Survey figures are then run through a least squares program or Fourier Analysis and an unflatness value is determined for the surface.

This is generally a requirement of slew bearing manufacturer that to have warranty for a slew bearing a maximum unflatness is required.

Bogey misalignment can also be a contributing factor to poor conveyor belt tracking and may lead to uneven wear of bogies and rails.

Doran Site Services has developed techniques that allow for accurate coordination of nominated points remotely, if you can see it, you can measure it.

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